Hair Extension Training and Certification Class

DD Hair extension Bar and Academy

 We offer excellent quality — at a great price because we only specialize in extensions. That’s right — no dyes, no chemical treatments — just hair extensions.

So, you’re looking to find the best hair extensions in Toronto, but not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered, girl!

We offer three types of hair extensions — Fusion, Micro-Ring and Tape-In Hair Extensions.


We are also a licensed retailer for GBBBellami Professional. All of the lines available range in quality and price.

We will meticulously go through and ensure that your hair blends seamlessly into your added length for no extra charge. You’ll be red carpet ready at the end of your appointment!



Whether you are an experienced stylist or a student without any experience, this comprehensive course will give you valuable knowledge. You will learn everything you need to know to become a skilled hair extension technician whose satisfied clients always come back.

Why DD Academy?


  • Teaching is more than just having the knowledge and experience.
  • We have designed an engaged and hands-on class to maximize productivity.
  • The goal is for every enrolled student to earn money in the industry upon completion of the course. Let’s ensure this isn’t just another diploma. Its a start of a new career.
  • Ongoing support will be available to all grads. I’m just a phone call away to answer any questions you may have.
  • At DD hair, we believe in building a community; we believe in creating support of sisterhood. Because we carry each other when we are weak, and we sing together when we are strong. 
  •  No hairstyling experience or Cosmetology license needed. We will cover from A to Z.
  • For our enthusiastic grads, You will also be able to offer your services as a mobile hair extension technician under our banner.
  • This course also includes a brief presentation on how to create and launch your website. 

What will You Achieve?


  • Client Consultation
  • Colour Matching Techniques
  • Adding Highlight and lowlights
  • Application of Four different Methods
  • Removal techniques of the Four methods (Fusion, Tape-In, Microring & Euro-lock)
  • Sectioning and creative placement solutions
  • Aftercare, maintenance and Re-positioning
  • Client hair analysis & identifying issues
  • Hands-on technical application
  • Blend, & shape Extensions
  • Hair quality, Textures & supplier info
  • Social Media & marketing techniques
  • Earning potential and pricing breakdown
  • FAQ, Waivers & Liability
  • DD hair extension technician certificate
  • You get full access to Bellami Professional, GBB Hair


  • How long is the class?
    Each class is approximately 8-10 hours long.
  • What do I need to bring?
    You need to bring a pen and paper. The rest is on us.
  • Is lunch provided?
    Yes. We provide coffee, snakes and lunch for all students. We cover lots of material, and we need to make sure you have enough energy to retain all the info.
  • Will I get enough attention during class?
    Yes. I will be available to answer all of your questions, concerns and help you with instructional tips.



Master Class: $749

Private class: $2000


Master Class: $1299

Private Class: $3000

Starter Kit

Starter Kit:$350

Are you a salon owner? Workshops can also be host at your salon.
Would you rather have training in your own salon? No problem. We’ll come to you and teach 5 of your stylist how to do wonders with hair extensions. Contact us for more details.

Starter Kit

This professional hair extension kit by GBB includes all the essential tools you need to start your business after completing the course

  1. Master training manual
  2. Pin curl double pong clip
  3. Practice hair for all four methods
  4. Rat-tail comb
  5. Mannequin head with human hair
  6. Maintenance tape
  7. Tool kit carrier & storage case
  8. Keratin bond & tape remover gel
  9. Scalp protector heat shield
  10. Keratin Granules
  11. High heat resistant mat
  12. Silicone beads
  13. Fusion bonding tool
  14. Universal plier tool
  15. Euro lock copper tubes
  16. Bead & copper tube looper tool
  17. colour-ring with human hair
  18. Sectioning clips
  19. Alligator clips

Students that prefer not to purchase the business starter kit will be able to use DD HAIR EXTENSIONS ACADEMY tools during the class.

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